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Our organization is a start-up which was founded in the year 2021. We have commenced our business with these three current projects through which we hope
we sell houses, not just any, but homes that are technologically enabled.

Discover ODIN

Automation and digitalization have pervaded every industry, and yes, even the real estate business! The American way of life believes in the pursuit of happiness; a luxurious lifestyle is no more an option but an essential. Simple things such as turning off the coffee-maker, setting the security alarm, and the obliviousness of what kids are doing are areas of concern of most homeowners. But with a smart home, you can connect your phones and appliances in your home so that they can communicate with each other and with you. To reiterate, we are an organization with the purpose of enabling communities and individuals to fall in love, over and over again, with their own homes.
Our houses feature an open floor plan layout giving room to a large open space and plenty of light along with an extended lanai in the backyard for your very special family events. The house consists of 4 bedrooms and attached baths. The big windows allow exposure to the strong sunlight that Florida offers. Not to mention, the state-of-the-art bathtub and standing shower along with built-in speakers in the bathroom are your only retreat for your little me-time.
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Features of Our Smart-Homes

Smart Homes

Provide technology-enabled smart home

Backyard Lanai

Cobblestone under the lanai with the option to add a whirlpool tub

Master Bedrooms

Great master bedroom with two-door grand entrance

Car Parking

Separate car parking garages with smart locking security

Large Windows

Big windows to capture Florida’s sunlight

Bathroom Speakers

Speakers in the bathrooms with good sound quality

Fast Internet

Powerline networking gear to get internet access all the rooms

Smart Lights

Turns off the lights when a room is empty

Our Team

Pierre Comeau
Heidi Fisher
Brock Foreman
Rosida Cabou
David James