Sebring Project

Explore the Ideal Duplex for Aging in Place or First-Time Home Buyers


Discover a meticulously designed duplex that caters to your unique needs as you navigate the challenges of caring for an aging parent or enter the world of first-time homeownership. We recognize the significance of both privacy and autonomy for you and your loved ones, and our layout guarantees just that.

Our distinctive feature lies in the ability to seamlessly offer additional access and assistance when the time arises. This intelligent duplex design opens the common wall in the office area, connecting both units and fostering a sense of togetherness.

As your parents’ needs evolve, our master bathroom is ready to adapt. With a discreet modification, it can transform from a regular bathroom into a fully compliant with aging in place. Every detail has been considered, from wheelchair-accessible sink conversions to pre-engineered bracing that supports secure grab bars at the appropriate heights.

Our mission is to help families like yours stay united for longer, without the necessity of assisted living facilities. The Silver Model, tailored for families with aging parents dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or similar conditions that require supervision but not constant medical care, is the perfect solution.

With the Silver Model, you can provide your loved ones with the care and dignity they deserve without extensive renovations or the financial burden of liquidating assets to cover nursing home expenses.

For host families or those seeking standard rentals, our floor plan offers a comfortable living space with two bedrooms and two bathrooms as the standard layout. If you require additional rooms, fear not! Our flexible design allows for easy conversion of the garage into additional living space.

Embrace this opportunity to create a nurturing environment for your aging parent while keeping your family together. Take the next step toward a future where love, care, and support thrive in a home designed for you and your loved ones.

Property Details

Sebring Project

  • ModelSilver Duplex
  • Number of Units36
  • Total Square Footage3,160
  • Living Square Footage2,346
  • Garage Square Footage504
  • Porch Square Footage210
  • Entry Square Footage100
  • Starting Construction2023

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    Living Room

    Perfect for hosting small get-togethers or family events, this open living space seamlessly connects with the dining room and kitchen.
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    Prepared for a variety of meal sizes, this gourmet kitchen features a generously sized center island.

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    Master Bedroom

    Nestled at the rear for enhanced privacy, the master bedroom boasts two closets and a sliding door that opens to a porch, offering a view of the outside and welcoming ample sunlight.
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    Bedroom 2

    Step into a haven of comfort with this inviting bedroom, designed to cater to the diverse needs of your family.
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